5 Steps Towards Zero Waste Parenting

 zero waste parenting

Zero Waste Parenting

1 Reduce

Area of use: [Potty training]
What items: [Diapers, pull ups and cleansing wipes]
How: [Replace with cloth diapers and pull ups, DIY coconut oil handy baby wipes and DIY laundry detergent]
Why: [Waste reduction, eliminates landfill, chemical free and money saving]

2 Rethink

Area of use: [Meal prep]
What item: [Baby puree and snacking]
How: [blending fruits and vegetables and packing snacks in cotton canvas bags, reusable glass kitchen containers, cloth paper towel handy dispenser]
Why: [Money saving, healthy and fresh/local, eliminates plastic packaging and saves trees]

3 Reuse

Area of use: [Play]
What item: [baby toys]
How: [buy toys that will be used for years to come, avoid lights and musical buttons, aim for wood crafted puzzles and toys, felt materials and minimize belongings (does this bring us joy?]
Why: [ Children outgrow activities fast make your money count, cheap plastics can be harmful and end up in the landfill, play can be explorative, educational and fun]

4 Regift

Area of use: [Home, bath, kitchen,outdoors]
What item: [Toys, books, clothes, baby items, cribs, bikes,etc]
How: [Think of all the items parents need, are given, and buy new. Now think, how many can be exchanged and passed on to other parents?]
Why: [Money saving, waste free, strengthens community, minimizes excess]

5 Recycle

Area of use: [home and school organization]
What item: [bottles, paper, plastic]
How: [teach kids early how to clean and organize items into recycling bins, use material for crafts, science experiments and in the garden by composting food waste]
Why: [Reduce landfill impact, save water ecosystem and save money on supplies]

Remember by looking at how your everyday lifestyle impacts the environment and by finding solutions on how you can make positive change we can together make our world greener.