How I Made My On The Go Zero Waste Kit

When talking about zero waste, many people focus on what they can do inside their homes. However part of zero waste living is also tackling the issue outside your home. We encounter many single use plastic items while we are out. For example, at the movies, at a restaurant, at sporting events, while shopping etc.That is why i made a zero waste kit!

In order to REFUSE these items I have put together an On The Go Zero Waste Kit

zero waste kitWhen eating out I was coming across single use plastic cutlery more and more. To be able to eat out and not have to worry about whether or not the restaurant uses real flatware or single use plastic I now carry a set of bamboo utensils. Why bamboo and not stainless steel?? Well lets just say airports don’t look kindly upon metal utensils in your carry on.


zero waste kitWhen at a restaurant I wanted to refuse the expanded polystyrene foam take away containers offered for leftovers. Polystyrene foam better known as Styrofoam is not biodegradable or recyclable.   Instead, I bring with me a stainless steel container and I put the leftovers in it myself when I am done eating.


zero waste kitAlthough straws may seem unnecessary to some, they have many uses. Drinking from a straw reduces your chances of teeth staining and teeth sensitivities. Straws are also necessary for people with medical condition which keep them from being able to lift a cup. Straws are also useful for children who do not yet have the coordination to drink from a cup. To refuse single use plastic straws I added to my kit a set of stainless steel straws.

zero waste kit

Single use plastic or foam cups are everywhere! For my on the go coffee fix I’ve started using a stainless steel cup. I simply hand the cup to my barista. Some places even give you discounts for using your own cup.


zero waste kitI wanted to avoid mindlessly plucking away at the disposable napkin container. A napkin might not seen like much when it comes to waste production. However, we have to take into consideration the manufacturing wastes that went into making the napkins. Another wasteful aspect is the amount of carbon emissions used to transport those napkins from the manufacturer to your table. I have invested instead in a nice set of 100% organic fair trade cotton napkins.


zero waste kitYou need something to keep all these items together and to easily take them with you on your adventures. You also need a bag that won’t leak after your items are used. I was able to reuse a wet bag I already had from our cloth diapering days. Wet bags come in all kinds of shapes, colors and patterns.

Finally I assembled all of my items and put my zero waste kit into my purse. This way I always have it with me just in case I need it while I am out and about.