Zero Waste Vacation

 Our Visit to an Off the Grid Homestead in Vermont

zero waste vacation

Our first zero waste vacation took us to an amazing off the grid homestead in Vermont. What we saw of Vermont left us in awe. Beautiful landscapes like we have never seen before, the tallest trees and densest forest we have ever seen! We really loved it and had a great stay.


zero waste vacation

The Homestead

zero waste vacationWe loved the experience of being off the grid.Our host was very friendly and made use feel welcomed and comfortable during our stay.We stayed in a camper at the end of the property with no electric, no running water. A crystal clear creek nearby  was available to use if we needed any water for cleaning up.There were many kinds of flowers all over the property. Amazing views and a peaceful environment made it a wonderful time.

zero waste vacation

We enjoyed hiking the homesteads nature trails and trying to identify all of the different berries, herbs, fruits and vegetables growing all around.

Luckily, we were there just as the blueberries and raspberries were ripening.We picked and grazed on the berries and enjoyed a wonderful fresh breakfast the next morning.


zero waste vacationThe homestead is home to many interesting animals. All of the pets were friendly and adorable. We enjoyed waking up to the calls of the roosters and hearing the gentle baaa of the sheep.

The guinea hens running free as nature pest control and the turkey were very interesting to see in person for the first time. We loved seeing the different care that different farm animals require.


Eating on a Zero Waste Vacation

zero waste vacation

We had the pleasure of cooking over an open fire and spending a very peaceful evening under the stars. No electronics, no electricity, no wifi, just us having great conversation telling great stories and spending quality time together.

We packed our On The Go Zero Waste Kits which included everything we needed for meal times except for plates.We added to our kit a set of stainless steel plates for our camping vacation.

Our host had a very nice selection of cast iron cookware that was perfect for cooking over an open flame. We were able to avoid food packaging waste by bringing most of our food with us from home and visiting a local farmer’s market our host recommended.

Our first zero waste vacation was a great success. We were able to have an amazing time while still being conscientious of our waste production. Having our own off the grid homestead is a goal for us and this experience reaffirmed to us that we are taking the right steps towards that goal.